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CeBIT Day Three Twitter Analysis

As before some key facts about the Twitter conversations at CeBIT during the past 3 days:

  • 38033 Tweets analysed
  • 18428 unique users tweeting using the #CeBIT hashtag
  • 7652 retweets made
  • 4788 tweets containing mentions

Tweets and Events Day 3

As before we are seeing similar spikes in the communication activity during the day, with a number of key announcements and events proving to be important enough to cause a sudden  rise in activity, indeed, the announcement of the real-time cybercrime mapping  by Deutsche Telecom was a popular topic within the Twitter communications. The news of the top ‘Nine online marketing  trends’  was also popular, but not only in terms of just announcing the news, but also causing communications between different users (in terms of mentions).

CeBIT Day 3

As before, we are seeing the influence of specific users within the network continuing to grow, namely ‘Cebit’, ‘Code_N’, and the disconnected conversations of ‘Nienor_’. As before, we are seeing users taking the role of drawing together these different streams of information from these highly retweeted users, such as ‘eklaus’, or ‘CeBIT_Japan’.

Retweet Chains Desc

Taking another look at the network, we are also able to explore the flow of conversations, or simply, how the tweets were retweeted overtime. As the Figure below illustrates, the speed of diffusion of the tweets and their size differ dramatically (only chains of larger than 20 are shown), with the vast majority of them (99.6%) forming chains of less than 3 retweets. Does the content of the tweet or the person that it originated from depend on the speed and size of the chain? More to come on this later!




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