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2010-2013 Web Science Conference Twitter Conversations

Here is a quick look at the retweet networks of the Web Science Conferences from 2010-13. More analysis to come soon! Also, check out the growth of the retweet conversations during the Web Science 2013 conference: http://t.co/eCIQVWZRvI


Web Science Comparison 2010 to 2011 v3

#Dyroy Tweets – A Brief Overview

Below is a brief overview of the #Dyroy Twitter stream during Southampton University’s Web Science visit to Dyroy during the 16th – 19th September, 2012. I’ve also included a Wordle of the most used hashtags within the tweet stream. A further analysis of the Twitter conversations will be performed soon!

Twitter Network Analysis of Open Government Data Camp 2011

Here’s a quick overview of the twitter communications that complimented Open Government Data Camp 2011, based on the #ogdcamp hashtag. The harvest was started on the 16th August 2011 and is currently still going (hopefully providing a comparative look at the growth after the satellite events). Let’s look at the tweet statistics:

Total Number of tweeters using the #ogdcamp tag: 969
Total Number of tweets since 16th August (till 00:00 22nd October): 4031
Total Number of tweets during OGD Camp main dates (20st and 21nd October): 2514

Also as a quick visualisation, I’ve put together a graph of the tweet frequency, and also the top 30 tweeters.

Tweet Timeline:

Top 30 Tweeters

Soon I’ll also be putting up an illustrated timeline of tweets, offering a different take on the twitter network; more of this to come in a short while!